016Essex Power Washing can provide thorough and reliable driveway and Patio cleaning services throughout the Essex area, including Buckhurst Hill, Epping, Loughton and Chigwell. We are experienced cleaners who operate professional pressure and rotary cleaner equipment which is ideal for heavy duty and hard core areas.


Driveways and patios can become dull and dirty by daily wear and use from everyday life, your car wheels carry, dust, dirt and oil which overtime can build into a thick layer on your driveway. Spores and weed seeds which travel in the wind are then able to find root and germinate in the cracks across your driveway, Patios and Roofs.

Our driveway & Patio cleaning services are vastly more effective at removing weeds and dirt than simple weeding and scrubbing. To ensure the cleaning process is effective, we normally pre-treat the paved area with a low pressure stone or timber wash to destroy fungal spores and break down the moss and dirt. This also has a weed killer added.

Once we have restored your driveway or Patio to its original clean and tidy state the personal maintenance of the driveway becomes manageable, but we are always on hand to provide further cleaning when required!

We are a reliable service and will put you, the customer, first. We make life safer, happier and cleaner!